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Your face is your future. No doubt you will have heard this often repeated term used in common parlance. In an age where your presence is highlighted by the clothes you wear and the face you present to the world, you ought to make every effort to make yourself as presentable as possible.

Beauty may be only skin deep, but it is the skin that radiates and reflects the beauty of the face. The tone of the skin, the degree of smoothness and the feel it has when you touch it definitely are attributes that are well appreciated in the world of today.

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Using Facial Fillers

Among the ways that you can highlight the beauty of your face is by using fillers to give the contours of your face a healthy, radiant and well-proportioned appearance. Facial fillers are among the most common ways to promote and smoothen the skin and give it a flawless look. Just like the models have in a modeling agency.

While the models and social influencers of the present era all manage to look gorgeous and incredibly handsome in their photo shots, it cannot be 100 percent natural. You have to work at it. For those of us who are not so blessed with perfect and flawless skin by Nature, there is always some help at hand.  

Meso Pro is one site that is appreciated for providing the less fortunate of us with facial fillers. Fillers are products that serve to smoothen the skin and accentuate the fine lines and bones of the face. You might have observed the jawline and cheekbones of the world’s finest models. The facial features of these rather androgynous groups of people are known to be almost symmetrical. This is their passport to success on Instagram and TikTok videos. In today’s world, you have to be seen to be remembered and build a dedicated fan following.

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Kinds of Facial Fillers

There are different kinds of face fillers in the marketplace that are competing for our attention at any given time. The main ingredient that face fillers are composed of include hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxylapatite, fat grafting, permanent soft tissue filler or poly-L-lactic acid.

Among all of these, the first one that uses hyaluronic acid is the nearest to the natural component of the connective tissue of the skin, and therefore ranks among the most common fillers used for wrinkles.   

Now let us look at a particular product that goes by the name of Princess Filler. It is made up of non-animal filling containing hyaluronic acid. It is supposed to increase the beauty of the face by increasing the volume of the skin’s surface. It comes in a 1ml bottle.

The manufacturer of this particular face filler is a company called Chroma. It consists of a colorless gel implant that is sterile and homogenized in order to help soften the wrinkles of the face, hiding scars and correcting folds.

Although the results of the filling process with Princess Filler are long lasting, there are by no means permanent or life-long. The users of this procedure will have to go for a number of follow up visits after the initial process.

If you want to augment your lips, be glad that Princess Filler gel can be injected into the lips to add volume to them. In fact it can be injected into any part of the face. Princess Rich and princess Volume are the specific products from this line of facial fillers that are used to accomplish this objective.


The major advantage of using these fillers are that they are long lasting. This is the major reason that they are considered top of the line products in their range. Patients who have used these products report that ti can last on the skin for as much as 18 months after the initial procedure. But this depends to some extent on the state of your skin health as well as your age.

A Word of Caution

As in plastic surgery and other aesthetic facial procedures, there are still chances of botching up the process. So be sure not to skimp on the cost and use the services of a highly experienced and well reputed physician or dermatologist. If the process goes awry, it can leave you with embolism and the results may be irreversible and long lasting.

A common aspect of the procedure that needs to be kept in mind is that the gel should not be injected into the veins of the patient. It should only be injected on the skin surface. Otherwise the results may be disastrous.

A local anesthetic called Lidocaine is commonly used in this procedure. It makes the process more palatable and increases the comfort level of the patient undergoing the procedure.

The good thing is that using Princess Filler has no side effects. However, temporary discomfort may be experienced in patients, like itching, red spots, redness or swelling in the areas that have been treated.